About Carwax - کارواکس | carwax

Carwax's car care store under supporting Falcon trading company and according to e-commerce law Islamic Republic of Iran has been working and has all relevant licenses, including a two stars symbol of electronic's trust. All of authorized and luxury brands in the world including Mafra, Wurth, Turtle Wax, Sonax, Mothers and either all Iranian and prestigious companies  such as Ryan J. Wax ,  Takeoff, and Jordan are available in carwax  store


You can find a variety of  Wax  tires, car air freshener, show rings, engine washes, steam injectors, wax motor, Window Washer tank, steering lock, polished, hard and soft, wax dashboard, automatic car washes materials (foam for automatic car washes, shampoos for automatic car washes, help dryer and final wax), dashboard spray, shampoos and detergents for car, air conditioning, cleaning and descaling the inside for your car in Carwax.ir

Our expert team do all tests of quality control continiously and we are proud to say  that Carwax is the first and the only website for selling luxury Car accessories that has all certification and standards related to e-business (8 certificates), including SSL certificates and electronic trust icon :a

Carwax is proud to obtain all certificates about e-commerce , including a two stars symbol of electronic's trust that is the highest degree of trust among online stores.

Obtaining this symbol means that:

1- Identity of site's manager ,licenses, address and phone number on site, is known and valid.

2- All of products have all necessary permits in producing, importing and selling.

3- According to SSL certificate which has obtained, all of payment and exchanges and customer information are kept and done in a secure and protected way.

4- In carwax, there is warranty for returned goods and the cost of thoes will be return completely.

5- Postage in accordance with the cost of posts companies of  Islamic Republic of Iran.

6- No banking intermediaries is used for paying invoice and the owner of site has the direct port from the bank.

The basic diffrence  in Carwax is the full awareness  to the customers before buying. On this site you can see real price of luxury Car accessories, you can see all brands once (which is not possible in any store) and according to the site description, reviews and ratings users you are be able to choose your product easily.